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Craig Weatherhill: The Place-Names of the Land's End Peninsula

Uniquely qualified to produce this book, Craig presents a detailed analysis and translations of the place-names of the area, illustrated with his own pen and ink drawings.
  • The Land's End Peninsula is as far southwest as one can go on the mainland of Britain, reaching well out into the wild Atlantic. It is a treasure house of the past as well being in tune with the present.  Not surprisingly, it was the last outpost of the Cornish language as a traditional community tongue.  Craig, installed as a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh in 1981, is a Cornish archaeologist, historian and toponymist and the author of several books.  Having made a particular study of the place-names in Cornwall, this new book explores the origins and development of the place-names of the Land's End peninsula in much greater depth than his previous work.

    "If you love the far west of Cornwall you will love this book."  Ray Chubb: Bard Map Essa of the Cornish Gorsedh