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Athena's Path on Trencrom Hill

Athena's Path on Trencrom Hill

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International Dowsing Day events

In May on Trencrom Hill or Carn Lês Boel (near Land's End), West Penwith, Cornwall, UK, the local dowsing group, Trencrom Dowsers  celebrate, dowse and sing for the "Singing the Lines" event with members of Parallel Community.  The beginning of May is also Hamish Miller's birthday. 

The energy current, Athena, passes over Trencrom hill, through the well hidden in the rocks and on to St Michael's Mount.  (Read "The Dance of the Dragon" to find out more).  Athena is dowsed and measured before the event and re-measured afterwards - in 2014 an increase in width from 5 metres to 23 metres!  The power of human interaction and intent! 

Carn Lês Boel is the beautiful headland where the Michael and Mary energy currents stream in/out from the sea.  Read the dowsing classic "The Sun and the Serpent" to find out more about these energies and another of Hamish and Ba's great dowsing journeys, 

In conjunction with other dowsers "along the line" we also celebrate at Carn Lês Boel in May, sending a message of harmony and peace along the currents, around the globe.  Again, the effect on the energy currents has been remarkable. 

The Michael/Mary energy currents have now become well-known routes for walking, cycling, riding on horseback or making music.  Whether for pilgrimage, for dowsing at the many ancient sites along the way or for the endurance, we see many people each year, from all over the world, setting out from Carn Lês Boel.  In 2014 we waved goodbye to an avid walker and dowser from Australia, Andrew, and he was met by dowsers in Norfolk 37 days later!   Look at the Penwith Press Maps' section to plan your own inspiring journey.

Living in Cornwall or spending any time there this year?  Look at the programme for Trencrom Dowsers  who meet, usually on Saturdays, in Marazion, for inside events - with well-known speakers and workshop presenters from all over the UK - in the late autumn and winter.  Just in the last couple of years, our speakers have included: Dr Patrick MacManaway, Grahame Gardner, David Leesley, Christopher Strong, Ann Lodygowski, Sig Lonegren and Palden Jenkins. Through spring and summer we prepare the picnic hampers and polish the dowsing rods and are dowsing at various ancient sites in Cornwall, usually on Sundays.

Visitors are welcome at any time.  Please look at our website:


Would you like to learn to dowse or refresh your dowsing skills?Would you like to learn how to dowse?

British Society of Dowsers' approved courses and workshops at various levels, from beginner to advanced, are run regularly in west Cornwall, usually on Saturdays or Sundays.   Dowsing tuition with trips to ancient local sites can also be arranged to suit individuals or small groups.

Small groups and expert tuition in a beautiful setting, with plenty of opportunities for dowsing practice.  Interesting and lots of fun!   Click here to read the information on the Trencrom Dowsers' website.

Small group tours of ancient, sacred sites in Cornwall, Dartmoor, (Devon) and Wye Valley (Gloucestershire/Herefordshire borders) can be arranged from April to October, and tailored to the needs of the group. Please email John at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a professional dowser, working with individual clients, John also helps to bring harmony to home and land and advises on electrostress.


On holiday in Cornwall this year?

Now in its 11 year, CASPN (Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network) has planned another packed and excellent weekend of walks and talks among West Penwith's ancient sites, May 27th - 28th, 2017.  The whole weekend is free for members of FOCAS (Friends of Cornwall's Ancient Sites).  All details on:


Living or Travelling in Europe?

Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, with Ba Miller and Vivienne Shanley, spent 10 years following two powerful intertwining energy lines which they named Apollo and Athena, a huge feat of dowsing and exploration, later recorded in 'Dance of the Dragon'.

The maps based on their journey start with Skellig Michael off south-west Ireland, go through Cornwall, away across the sea from St Michael's Mount to Mont St. Michel and across France, through Italy, from Assisi to the Temple of Artemis in Corfu, through Greece and Rhodes, and end in Mount Carmel, Israel.  Each beautifully hand-drawn and coloured A4 size map covers the significant points noted by Paul and Hamish, marked with the energy lines, and enhanced by photographs.

Look in the Maps' section to see which you will take on your journey!