Authors and Producers

Grahame Gardner

Grahame Gardner: author

Somehow fitting in a highly professional day job in theatre lighting, which takes him abroad as well as all over the UK, Grahame is a professional dowser and geomancer specialising in geopathic and technopathic remedial work, and the creation of sacred spaces.  He has numerous clients and has successfully dealt with a range of issues from blocked drains to restless spirits. One of the most respected dowsers in the UK and internationally, Grahame is a professional member and registered tutor of The British Society of Dowsers and served as President of the Society from 2008-2014. He has written numerous articles for the society’s journal ‘Dowsing Today’, produces an award-winning podcast ‘Adventures in Dowsing’; and in 2014 was awarded the BSD Award for exceptional services to dowsing and the Society.  Grahame’s ‘Dowsing Magic: Book 1 Basics‘ is the perfect starting point for any dowser, as well as for dowsers wishing to enhance their skills.  A revised new edition of this book appeared in 2018. He has been guest speaker and workshop leader at conferences of the Canadian Questers, Canadian Society of Dowsers, and the American Society of Dowsers. In 2014 he was gifted his native name ‘Carrier of the Sacred Fire’ by First Nations Elder White Eagle at the ASD convention; and in 2015 ran workshops in Scotland, Portugal and Japan.  He and Elspeth live in Glasgow, Scotland. Written by an expert in the field, Grahame’s 2015: A Basic Guide to Technopathic Stress was long-awaited by a public increasingly aware of the unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation arising from our use of electricity and wireless devices.  An updated and extended edition was produced in 2016. Grahame’s fascinating Dowsing with Sigils (2018) explores a little-known but important feature of traditional magical practice for centuries. For dowsiers, reinforcing intention with a sigil can help to achieve long-lasting effects. If you hear of one of Grahame’s workshops on this topic, don’t miss it!
W.A. (Billy) Gawn

W.A. (Billy) Gawn: author

Billy was born in rural County Antrim, Northern Ireland and has lived there all his life. A successful farmer and builder, he took up dowsing as a young man and has spent many decades improving his technique. Billy set up the Earth Energies’ Special Interest Group of the British Society of Dowsers and has spoken at the Society’s Annual Conference.  He has been regarded by many as one of the most experienced practitioners of the skill and is one of Britain’s most experienced earth energy dowsers. Beyond the Far Horizon: Why Earth Energy Dowsing Works, published in 2012 and written with Nigel Twinn, was long awaited and continues to be popular with anyone fascinated by the study of earth energies. He continues to design and build stone circles in Northern Ireland.

Dan Harding: blacksmith

Dan, working from a forge not far from Hamish’s home and forge in west Cornwall, continues the production of rods originally designed by Hamish and now used by dowsers world-wide.  Pencarn forge

Palden Jenkins

Palden Jenkins: author

Growing up in Liverpool in the 1960s, Palden met up with a new worldview early in life, and he has been interested in astrology, earth mysteries, history, geopolitics and esoterics ever since. He discovered astrology after disappointment learning psychology in university at LSE and, by the late 1970s he started working as an astrologer. In the 1980s he created the astrology camps, playing a major part in introducing experiential, psychotherapy-based astrology in Britain, as well as creating the ‘camps movement’. He also began an ongoing study of timecycles and the astrology of history.

In 1987 his first book, Living in Time, was published – the precursor to Power Points in Time. In 1993 Palden also published The Historical Ephemeris. Other books include The Only Planet of Choice, Healing the Hurts of Nations and Pictures of Palestine. He has produced two leyline maps, Map of the Ancient Landscape around Glastonbury and Ancient Sites and Alignments of West Penwith.

Nowadays Palden works as a humanitarian activist in Palestine, and as a book editor, webmaster, astrologer, photographer and wordsmith. He lives in West Penwith, Cornwall, though for 28 years, up to 2008, he was a prominent character in Glastonbury.    His 2014 book Power Points in Time is a real gem.

David Leesley

David Leesley: author

Whilst on a trans-African expedition in 1976 David had an “out of body” experience at Nyiragongo Volcano, Zaire (Congo). This led him to realise his future path as a healer.

He undertook several ornithological expeditions to remote areas of the world to study with indigenous tribes and was elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1983.  Later he trained as a healer in various disciplines of complementary medicine, especially shamanism and dowsing, in both the UK and Australia. In 2007 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Return of the White Serpent, (2012) describes his extraordinary experiences with the tribe of a tropical island in the South Pacific, experiences which will have a lifelong impact on the course of his life.  In 2012 he spoke at The British Society of Dowsers’ Conference in Cirencester, Gloucestershire and at the Penzance Literary Festival, Cornwall

island tribeDavid’s second book: Kassoso: when Myth becomes Reality (2014) is even more compelling than Return of the White Serpent, This one is an account of what is likely to be David’s final experience with the island tribe.

David was invited to America in 2015, to deliver workshops in Advanced Dowsing for Health and in Sexual Trauma.  In the UK he has regularly delivered courses on Shamanic Dowsing for Health at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

In September 2015 David travelled down to Cornwall and delivered an excellent workshop at Marazion: ‘Awakening the Ancient Mysteries of the Shaman within: traditional paths to well-being for today’s healers’. Feedback later included comments such as: “”A brilliant day with an excellent speaker”; “Just wanted to say how amazing the workshop was – very powerful”; “Awesome day”; “…a very inspiring day… it’s always a pleasure to see someone at work who radiates strength, inner peace patience and humility”.

David’s wife Maggie, who accompanied him on two of his visits to the tribe in Vanuatu, (they were married by the High Chief), sadly passed on in 2016.

After a period of travelling, David has now returned to the Isle of Man but continues to work regularly with clients (at any distance), as a professional dowser.

Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren: author

Sig has been a practising geomancer for over 40 years. He is a Life Honorary Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers, a past trustee of the American Society of Dowsers and the New England Antiquities Research Association, an ordained Spiritualist Minister and a Founding Member of the Labyrinth Society. Starting life in Vermont, he made his home in Glastonbury for many years and in 2015 moved to his wife Karen’s roots in the Netherlands. His dowsing adventures have taken him to countless major and extraordinary ancient and sacred sites world-wide and he is very well-known in several countries for his talks and workshops. Here in Cornwall, the local dowsing group ‘Trencrom Dowsers’ will long remember his workshop on Labyrinths, culminating in a labyrinth built in the sand on Marazion beach.

Sig has written several books over the years and in 2015 Penwith Press published his: Memoirs of a Geomancer. On Gnowing. Rational or Irrational? No Both!  This readable, entertaining and thought-provoking book is a must-read for anyone interested in Sig’s impact on dowsing and geomancy in Britain and America.

Christopher Strong

 Christopher Strong: author

A Cambridge graduate, Christopher’s career in the Colonial Office took him to various parts of the world, including several different African countries, Singapore and Thailand, before settling in Ireland and eventually in England.  With his late wife Veronika, he successfully helped thousands of people through dowsing and psychic skills.  He continued to be much in demand to speak and present workshops to local groups and to The British Society of Dowsers’ national and regional meetings.  Nigel Twinn compiled and edited Christopher’s long-awaited autobiography: “Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser. Practising Intuition in Every Aspect of Living“, published in 2016.

Throughout the year, Christopher had a full schedule of dowsing workshops at various levels, run at the College of Psychic Studies in London and various venues in the UK.

Sadly, Christopher passed away quite suddenly in December 2018.  He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Nigel Twinn

Nigel Twinn: author

Although Nigel had a varied career that included facilities, personnel, financial and project management, town planning and transport strategy – out in the real world he is a dowser and writer, gardener and walker.  As a founder member of Tamar Dowsers on the Cornwall/Devonshire border, he is actively involved in arranging the group’s programme and has produced a series of newsletters over many years.

In 2008 Nigel received the British Society of Dowsers’ Bell Award for dowsing literature and is a regular contributor to the Society’s journal, ‘Dowsing Today’. Before embarking on his collaboration with Billy Gawn, Nigel was fortunate to be able to work with Hamish Miller to produce: Hamish Miller: A Life Divined (2010).

In 2012 Nigel produced Beyond the Far Horizon: Why Earth Energy Dowsing Works with Billy Gawn, one of the most important and respected dowsers of his generation.  This book draws together the results of Billy’s many years of research and exploration and will be essential reading for anyone interested in earth energies – in fact anyone interested in the workings of the planet and curious enough to ask Why?

Nigel has produced a short personal dowsing autobiography: The Virtual Bridge and in 2016 he wrote another book with a well-respected dowser: ‘Christopher Strong: Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser.  Practising Intuition in Every Aspect of Living.’   

Nigel lives with his wife Ros on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon.  In 2016 he again received the British Society of Dowsers’ Bell Award for dowsing literature.

Tim Walter

Tim Walter: film maker

Writing and making television or video programmes since the early eighties, Tim’s life first changed dramatically when moving to a large Georgian townhouse in the Forest of Dean. There he encountered a charming individual who completely altered his life’s outlook and introduced him to the world of subtle energies. Called simply Jane, she had been dead for over 100 years!

But Jane was no ghost. Working gently with her, Tim discovered his ability to access the Guardian personalities within the earth’s energetic system. Tim met Hamish Miller in 2003 and for the next seven years Hamish influenced his life enormously. Without Hamish, Tim wouldn’t have stopped making films for businesses in order to concentrate, through his Knights Rose identity, on the nature of our bigger picture of existence, the world of subtle energies and humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth.

Today Tim lives in North Yorkshire and is a transformational life coach, Geomancer and EFT Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner. He uses these tools and his intuition to help people change their realities and their experience of life so they may live as their fullest selves, without fear.

Tim is chair of The Dales Dowsers, runs workshops on psychic development, dowsing, meditation and mindfulness, gives talks on the power of our subjective realities and co-ordinates a weekly positive-focused thinking group from his website Knights Rose.

Craig Weatherhill

Craig Weatherhill: Author

Craig, installed as a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh in 1981, is a Cornish archaeologist, historian and toponymist and the author of several books.  Expert on all things Cornish, Craig is continually researching. His ‘Place-names of the Land’s End Peninsula’, published in 2017is, as would be expected, a detailed and methodical analysis, to include translations, of the place names of the area. Invaluable for anyone interested in the history, language, geology and culture of West Penwith, Cornwall.