Hamish & Ba Miller

Hamish & Ba Miller

Author, blacksmith, dowser, designer, engineer, healer, philosopher, sailor, sculptor, social activist and tree planter – Hamish Miller was all of  these.

A Scot by birth, Hamish spent the last three decades of his life in Cornwall.  Following his early design engineering successes, he developed his artistic blacksmithing skills in his forge at home and produced a range of beautiful and practical objects.  

Over the years, he and Ba became well-known as dowsers, with acknowledged expertise in healing and the exploration of earth energies.  In 1987 they embarked on a journey with Paul Broadhurst, exploring and following two intertwining energy currents, the “Michael” and “Mary”, from the tip of Cornwall at Carn Lês Boel, to Hopton on the Norfolk coast.  The result was The Sun and the Serpent (1989), a book which has inspired and continues to inspire thousands of people world-wide, and has encouraged many to develop their own dowsing skills.

In 1990 Hamish and Ba launched into an epic 10-year journey across Europe with Paul Broadhurst and Vivienne Shanley, this time following another pair of intertwining currents which they named the “Apollo” and “Athena”.  This 2,500 mile journey took them from the Skelligs off south-west Ireland to Cornwall and across Europe, to Mount Carmel in Israel.  The record of this extraordinary dowsing adventure resullted in The Dance of the Dragon (2000), now sadly out of print, but a set of beautiful, hand-illustrated maps produced by artist Vivienne Shanley, is still available to buy.

Hamish gave lectures and workshops, and took part in radio and television programmes, in many different countries.  With film-maker Tim Walter, and collaborations with other dowsers, he also produced the DVDs Spirit of the Serpent (2003) and Diverse Dowsing (2009).

In 2008, to acknowledge his exceptional dowsing skills and his contribution to the field of dowsing, The British Society of Dowsers awarded Hamish the Pogson award.

Hamish died on Burn’s night, 2010.  We are continually meeting people who have their own treasured memories of him, all individual stories but with one common thread, that of an unassuming but wise man with a great sense of humour.  He is greatly missed.

Once a physiotherapist and a researcher for Hamish’s projects, Ba Miller continues to participate in local dowsing activities.  Always energetic, she is able to beat anyone walking up the slopes of Trencrom hill, still plays a mean game of tennis and remains undaunted by the care of the land that she and Hamish planted with trees over the decades.

Like her husband, everyone who knows Ba loves her for her wisdom and good sense.  And just like Hamish, Ba continues to underestimate her own extraordinary dowsing ability and the extent of her inspiration.

Hamish in the Forge - a wee while ago!
Hamish's gates