Return of the White Serpent + Kassoso

David Leesley

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Return of the White Serpent – the true story of a spiritual quest. Through a series of bizarre synchronicities, healer dowser David found himself in a situation where he was reunited with his spiritual twin on a small tropical island in the South Pacific, where in a tribal legend there was a mythical link to the Isle of Man.
David’s book is a journal of his visits to the island. It tells of sacred ceremonies, initiations, tests and trials, tribal warfare and, when later accompanied by his wife Maggie, marriage.  It is a unique account of an endangered way of life with all its joys and difficulties.

Kassoso – The sequel to Return of the White Serpent, in this book David, the White Serpent, returns to the tribe in the isolated Pacific island of Vanuatu. For several years he has worked with the Black Serpent, the High Chief Wai Wai Rawi, to fulfil the ancient tribal myth of the Serpents reuniting to complete the original lineage of the first Grandfather, the Great Dragon Lord Tangarua. David describes his experiences and secret initiations to make the unique connection with Kassoso, the feared Dragon Men.