They Shall Land

Craig Weatherhill

This day-by-day account of the Spanish raid will take you back to the extraordinary drama of July 1595, played out in Penzance and around Mount’s Bay, Cornwall. Craig unearthed details not before brought together.

Nominated for a Holyer an Gof Award in 2020 by Gorsedh Kernow.

ISBN: 9781999777517
46 pages


They shall land on the stone of Merlin
Who shall burn Paul, Penzance and Newlyn

This prophecy, uttered by the wizard Merlin, was known by the Cornish for centuries.  They knew, therefore, that they could do nothing to prevent the Spanish forces landing on Merlin Rock, off Mousehole, on the morning of 23rd July 1595. Craig Weatherhill has brought together all the information from sources as diverse as Richard Carew’s 1602 A Survey of Cornwall to the  Spanish commander’s report to King Philip II of Spain.  A report which only came to light in the 1980s.

“As a distinguished expert on Cornish archaeology, topography and place-names, Craig Weatherhill is able to provide the reader with the precision of detail that would go unnoticed in other accounts.”

lan M. Kent   Open University and University of A Coruña