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American Society of Dowsers:
British Society of Dowsers:
Canadian Society of Dowsers:
Trencrom Dowsers (based in West Penwith, Cornwall):
Tamar Dowsers (based on the Cornwall/Devon border):
Grahame Gardner:
Geomancy group:
Sig Lonegren and Karin Schluter:

Dowsing related

Ros Briagha: Geomancy, ceremonies, labyrinths:
Richard Nissen: animal navigation (and relates to navigation by dowsing):
(see also below) includes information about dowsing

And for the like-minded

A project promoting a walking pilgrimage route across England, following the earth energy lines identified by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst:

Cornish earth mysteries magazine (produced by Chery Straffon):

CASPN (Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network) (run by John Moss):

Northern Earth (run by John Billingsley):

Transition Penwith: part of an international initiative addressing issues arising from energy, economics and the environment

For books on the mysteries and myths of the living earth, Paul Broadhurst’s website is:

For information on leys, earth mysteries and related phenomena:

Palden Jenkins:

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